this side of heaven in transition

We are moved to our permanent home at The Transformed Home at A Little Perspective! The original blog is being rebuilt there, and new posts added weekly. Please visit! You can also follow Christine on Pinterest. This website will no longer be updated.

This blog originated at The original address was – if you go there now it will not look like it did for years. It was a beautiful blog with a black background, green accents, and yellow links. Look at my header picture of lemon yellow daisies and you will get the idea of the color scheme. :) Those daisies, by the way, were in my perennial garden in 2005, the year I started this blog.

I had beautiful sidebars full of links to all things concerning natural healing, homesteading, gardening, raising livestock, homeschooling, non supermarket dependent cooking and eating — all of which is gone now as homesteadblogger moved to wordpress and everything was lost. So now I cannot get into the blog even to transfer the posts full of useful content from there to here. I am manually transferring everything over by hand. I am determined to save the painstakingly gleaned content, and also I will try to save all the lovely comments!

The sidebars with their wealth of encyclopedic information will have to be rebuilt by hand once I have gotten the posts transferred. But stick with me, I am determined to make this new home as beautiful and helpful as the old one was!

To get to the posts, please click on the archives or recent posts feature on the left. Once the I have finished transferring the posts, this page will go away and you will see the most recent blog posts on this page like a normal blog.

If any of you with techie skills or access can help me, or even just are one of my old readers wanting to send along encouragement, please email me at lifethissideofheaven [at] Shalom and blessings in Yeshua’s name!

Christine Miller

(Hi, my name is Christine Miller. My husband David and I have been married for 28 years, and we have three grown children and three grandchildren. We lived most of our lives in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, where we homeschooled our children and raised an organic garden, chickens, and goats. We have since moved to Florida, and are continuing our interest in a slower, simpler, healthier, and more God-dependent life.Thank you for stopping by!)


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